Mobile blade sharpening means we come to you, but over the years we’ve realized that sometimes driving isn’t the most practical way to get the job done. Our work is professional, precise and provides a high value return on your investment. This being the case, we have begun offering mail-in sharpening service.

No matter where you are in the US, you have access to the Sharp ‘N’ It array of services. Whether you’ve moved and want to continue to work with us or you have found us online and were searching for a reputable sharpening service with character and excellence – send us your blades and you can trust they’ll come back ready to do their job.

Pack Your Knives

Gather your knives, scissors or other items to be sharpened. Wrap them in newspaper or butcher paper using masking or blue tape.

Your local post office should have ‘Medium’ Flat Rate Boxes’ and shipping labels available.

Ship Your Knives

Address the package to:
Sharp ‘N’ It LLC
19748 N Alma Dr
Maricopa, AZ 85138

Make sure to include the Mail-In Form. When shipping the package, we suggest you insure it for the full value of your knives.

Enjoy Your Knives

In about a week, your blades will be fully restored and delivered back to you.

You can know enjoy your knives once again as if they were new. The blades will once again be honed, sharp, and dependable.


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