You Can Hone Your Knife Yourself

You can hone your knife. Even if you’ve tried in the past and didn’t see results, in just over 70 seconds you will learn the proper way to hone your knife, preserve your blade’s precision and lengthen the life of your blade.

restaurant knife professional sharpening services


For restaurant owners and workers, your blade is your life line. We come to you and restore every blade to original precision to help you keep down the cost of buying new blades. We can come periodically or for regularly scheduled visits.

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home kitchen professional sharpening services


Breathe new life into an old blade! For pocket knives, kitchen knives, mini-appliances, specialty scissors, you made an investment and regular sharpening will prolong the life of your edge and allow you to get more value every day.

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Where to sharpen my knives, Landscape tool sharpening


Most landscaping tools go their entire lives without being sharpened. It’s easy to assume that when trimming or cutting gets difficult the blade is dull; don’t go out and buy a new blade – call us and we’ll sharpen it like new.

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Drop Off Locations

Drop off your items at one of our drop off locations at BBQ Island or Gilbert Butchery.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We are second year snowbirds and bought a house with some very dull knives. Luckily, I googled and found Scott. He came right over and did the job well. He is very knowledgeable. This year we brought down all our Canadian knives as we could not find anyone as good up there. He was over and sharpened them all and checked the ones he did last year and did some tune ups. He even threw in a clinic on keeping your knives sharp with a steel. Again very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Scott for all your sharpening needs.

Scott does a great job for us at Mulligans, he is always prompt and flexible due to the fact we will call unexpectedly. I would recommend Scott to service any restaurant knives, Slicer blades or personal knives, we couldn’t be more happy with his service

Excellent service! Scott did a great job with all our needs – chef’s knives, pocketknives and lawn mower blades. Sharpening takes no time at all and the cost is very affordable. Having Scott at the Farmer’s Market is very convenient. We happily share our recommendation!

If you want sharp knives and great service then you need to contact Sharp N It immediately!! Scott is friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things knives. I guarantee you will be completely satisfied, and once you have experienced Scott and his great service, you will go nowhere else for all your sharpening needs.

Reviews and testimonials are how we keep up the good work and improve where we can. Sharp ‘N’ It customers are the greatest people in the world and have left some very generous reviews. Click the button to see them all.

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